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Antro - radiologcial anthropometry of the hand

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The software ANTRO produces a metacarpophalangeale profile (MCPP) using the measurement of all 19 tubular hand bones on an X-ray image. The measurement can be taken with a translucent digitizer or can be performed manually. The program offers the following features:
  • Graphical display of z-scores (deviation from the norm in standard deviations) as y-values with bones 1-19 as x-values. For comparison tasks up to 5 different MCP patterns could be shown in combination and on demand be printed out (in different colours).

  • Automatically the mean value of all z-scores (Z) is computed and displayed.

  • The variability index (Sigma Z) is automatically computed as well. It gives a measure of the dysmorphy of a pattern.

  • With the patterns of patients (e.g. with the same diagnoses) so-called mean patterns could be created, which are showing a characteristic pattern for many syndroms.

  • Mean patterns of established syndroms published by Poznanski (mainly in: The hand, 1984) can be retrieved and directly compared with own patterns.

  • Computation of correlation coefficient r according to Pearson (with level of significance) to determine the similarity of MCP patterns.

  • (Simple) password protection.

  • Option to take data from literature.

  • The software is only available in English.

The MS-DOS software Antro and its application were published in:
Clinical Genetics (1991:39,396-400):
IBM-PC compatible software for establishing metacarpohalangeal pattern profiles
D. Hosenfeld, F. Hosenfeld, E. Schaefer, W.Grote.
The program ANTRO is free available, but not public domain. The software could be interesting mainly for syndromologists and dysmorphologists. Details of availability should be discussed per email (to friedel@hosenfeld.de) or phone. Each delivered version is registrated to watch the spreading and usefulness.


Unfortunately these manuals are meanwhile a little bit out of date.

lr: 31-AUG-2004, by friedel hosenfeld (friedel@hosenfeld.de)

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